May 01, 2018

If you’re after some sun and the usual beach getaways are not getting you excited at the prospect of some time away chilling in the sand, then read on…

We’ve rounded up the best and most unusual beach spots on the planet. Most of these are still relatively unknown, so now is the time to hop on a plane and enjoy these breathtaking locations.

1. The Azores

Credit: Chris Hau

An archipelago of islands owned by Portugal, but found in the mid-north Atlantic ocean, The Azores are truly spectacular. Their popularity is on the rise, but they’re still a bit of a hidden gem - perfect for those who love the subtropical adventurous life.

Made up of 9 volcanic islands, it’s often referred to as the Hawaii of Europe. From whale watching to watersports, with health & wellbeing also being a big priority, these islands definitely provide a one-stop wonder for holidayers who like to experience it all!

Stop off at the largest island, São Miguel to soak in all The Azores have to offer. From volcanic crater lakes, pineapple factories, swimming with dolphins, spectacular treks and visiting a tea plantation being just a few of the things to do on this main island.

2. Pelion, Greece

Credit: Icarus Aerial Filming 

If you love both mountain-side getaways and days lounging on the beach, then get two-in-one by visiting the Pelion region in Greece. This area is truly magical, with ancient Greek mythology stating that the Pelion region was the summer home to the 12 gods of Mount Olympus.

If hiking through orchards, enjoying the local tipple and gawking at turquoise beaches are your thing, then the Pelion region is where you’ll want to head on your next beach getaway. Don’t expect to do tons of landmark sight-seeing here. This region is all about soaking up the natural beauty and letting your troubles melt away in the Grecian sun.

3. Scilly Isles, UK

Credit: Visit Isles of Scilly

The UK is not usually the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking of booking a beach holiday - unless maybe you’re already from there. However, here us out! Off the Cornish peninsula (Lands End), there are a collection of breathtaking islands known as the Scilly Isles.

To get to the islands you need to take a ferry or a plane from the mainland in Cornwall, which means that these islands aren’t overpopulated in the British summer time. However, the journey is worth it as you’ll find luscious greenery contrasted with white sands and bright blue waters.

Made up of 5 inhabited islands, you’ll be surprised at the lack of cars, making it the perfect place to explore the beauty by foot. If wildlife, gardens and old-time scenery make your heart feel content then there’s doubt you’ll fall in love with the Scillies.

4. Rugen Island, Germany

Credit: Chris Keller

Germany is home to popular city destinations, with many tourists heading for Berlin or Hamburg. However, Rugen Island is one of Germany’s best-kept secrets, with little foreigners knowing of its delights. Located off the north-east coast of the country, in the Baltic Sea, you’ll want to visit in July or August when the weather will be at its warmest and sunniest for the year.

Chalk cliffs contrast national parks with dense forest full of spectacular greenery. Spend time cycling through the sun-filtered woodlands, emerging for an afternoon of lounging on the mid-18th century style beaches. Immerse yourself in the local history by visiting the narrow gauge steam railway and the museums on offer.

If you like to steer clear of places that are tourist saturated, then Rugen Island may be your idyllic holiday spot. Most of the tourists are German, making it a little more interesting to get by speaking English, so grab a phrase book and soak it all up!

5. Sumba Island, Indonesia

Credit: Travarious

When most people think of Indonesia, their thoughts automatically turn to the popular island of Bali. However beautiful Bali is, Sumba Island is twice the size with a much smaller population, making it an ideal quiet beach getaway.

What Sumba lacks in population size, it certainly makes up for in natural wonder. From lagoon snorkelling to wandering through rice paddies and mangroves, Sumba embodies all that is a breathtaking nature filled, south-east Asia trip - sans bustling city!

If you love to immerse yourself in the local culture then you’ll be more than pleased to know that Sumba Island is still steeped in ancient traditions. Visit the villages to meet locals and watch Ikat textiles being hand-made. Thrill seekers will also be impressed by the islands adrenaline-inducing offerings, with the much-loved surf at Sumba Island’s beaches.

6. Grand Haven, Michigan

Credit: No Limit Images

California and Florida are usually the two biggest states that come to mind when we think of beach-lounging in the USA. However, it’s time to make way for some new contenders. If you like the sound of an all-American lake-side beach holiday then Grand Haven is your destination.

This lakeside resort offers more than the usual beach fare, with fishing and skating being big activities here. Its waters also offer the perfect safe haven (no man-eating creatures here!) for improving your surf or SUP technique.

Take advantage of your legs by strolling along the boardwalk or walking over the dunes. Enjoy evenings taking in the traditional American food flavours and enjoying the choreographed fountains that display a show every summer evening. Grand Haven truly is a family classic but is also an ideal couple’s destination if you’re looking for a blend of adventure and leisure.

7. Ibo Island, Mozambique

Credit: Mateusz Kochanowski

Whilst Africa is home to breathtaking savannahs, deserts and animal reserves, it also features beautiful beaches. It’s time for Madagascar to step down from its position as the go-to African island hotspot, Ibo Island is the new beach destination just off the coast of Mozambique.

You’ll find 16th-century ruins, mangrove forests and some interesting bird species on Ibo Island. What you won’t come across is much modern technology, so use a getaway to the island as the perfect tech and social media detox. Whilst you’re away from your screen it’ll give you time to soak in the perfect beach sunsets.


It’s time to get planning! You won’t be disappointed with the change of holiday routine when visiting one of the unusual beach locations. Remember to pack your Havana Babe Swimwear so you can enjoy the beach life in style!

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