June 11, 2018

Fancy a change from the usual beach getaway?

A city escape might be exactly what you need. However, you also want to make sure you’re styling it up at the hotel pool.

Even if a beach is nearby, the pool is the ideal place to enjoy some downtime after a day exploring the bustling center.

Here are 6 of the hottest cities and the perfect Havana Babe swimwear to match, so you can style it out on the sun loungers...

Seville, Spain

Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. The 3 biggest cities in Spain are on the bucket-lists of many travelers. Well, it’s time to add another one…

Seville is fast becoming a city you won’t want to miss. Explore by foot, wandering in awe at the eclectic blend of modern and gothic architecture. There’s beauty to be seen at every corner.

Behold flamenco dancers and vibrant carnivals as you enjoy a flavor-infused tapas meal in a traditional street setting.

And if you’re wondering, yes it is home to the renowned Seville orange. Why not visit one of the indoor markets to marvel at all the fresh produce and pick up a churro (or four!).

Once you’ve finished ambling around the landmarks, a dip in the pool is the perfect way to cool off.

We love this bright yellow floral two-piece which reflects the lively feel of this Spanish city. 

Toronto, Canada

You might be surprised to hear that Toronto is the most multiculturally diverse city in the world. You’ll find variety in eateries, clubs and entertainment, making your visit a truly unique one.

This towering metropolis is akin to busy major US cities, however, Toronto couldn’t be further from them.

Visit the CN Tower for a true tourist experience, moving onto St Lawrence Market to excite the foodie in you. Immerse yourself in your surroundings, enjoying a visit to watch the nations much-loved sport - ice hockey!

The dynamic skyline is comprised of skyscrapers, with a sophisticated business vibe that pairs well with our Radius bikini. Contrasting colors and dramatic lines parallel the sleek architecture, for a classy poolside style.

São Paulo, Brazil

Often overshadowed by the carnival capital of Brazil, Rio, São Paulo is beginning to get the recognition it deserves.

Just as you’d expect, you’ll find a busy and vibrant nightlife in the city that people from all over the globe call home.

If you love to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of a thriving city - São Paulo is the place for you. Neighborhood tours give further insight into the culture of the city with a population of 10 million.

Museums and green spaces, such as Ibirapuera Park, offer tranquillity against the rush of daily city life. Enjoy daily feasts of food from all corners of the globe. From rodizios to Japanese restaurants, you’ll find a bit of everything in the Jardins district.

It’s only fitting that your swimwear reflects the colorful nature of this diverse nation. Named Fiesta, this bikini sums up São Paulo perfectly. A traditional two-piece style adorned with bright pom-poms and trim - take the carnival to the hotel pool.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Next door to China, Taiwan is often overlooked in favor of the larger nation. However, Kaohsiung is rising up as one of the hottest cities in Asia, pushing aside the capital of Taipei.

Found in the southern region of the country, Kaohsiung features a port, two beaches and borders a forest. This natural beauty is heavily contrasted by the dense man-made surrounding, with architecture drawing inspiration from the ancient culture.

Night-owls will be excited at the prospect of markets that come alive when darkness falls, providing the opportunity to fill hungry bellies and shopping bags. The youth culture in the Taiwanese city inspires clothes stalls with a hipster influence.

One word to describe this destination is quirky. You’ll find a rooftop amusement park, a light show installation and wacky street art.

Embrace the unconventional with our Monster bikini. The off-the-wall design is an ideal match for the eccentricity of Kaohsiung.  

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland provides the ideal thriving social base for exploring the beautiful nature that surrounds it. A stone's throw away from beaches and hiking trails, this destination has the best of both worlds.

Stay inside the city bounds to experience booming nightlife, enjoying a drink or meal at any one of the many bars or restaurants. Take a stroll along either of the two harbors to soak in the views of tropical blue waters.

Venture just outside the confines to see New Zealand in all its natural glory. Rural landscapes offer day trips that will take your breath away.

It’s only right that your swimwear reflects the island-like vibe of this laid-back metropolis. The Palmy Weather Halter Bikini’s print is well suited, with a striking cut for that city edge.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo has much more to offer than the Pyramids. Whilst they are one of the seven wonders of the world and shouldn’t be missed, this Egyptian city is overflowing with magnificence.

Old traditions die hard in Cairo. You’ll see car packed streets rivalled with donkey carts as you venture around the sandy lanes. It’s the perfect maze for those who love the thrill of a restless buzz.

If ancient history is your thing you’ll marvel at the artifacts on show in Cairo’s museums. Visit the monuments dotted throughout the city and even bag yourself an authentic souvenir from the street markets of Khan Al Khalili.

When it comes to your poolside attire, we love the high-waisted appearance of this swimsuit. A 50’s twist on a modern design, complementary to Cairo’s old-time feel as people go about their modern-day lives.

Each destination offers a unique city experience. From bustling centers thriving off their regeneration to modern municipalities reflecting the luxuries of present-day life.

Let us know which city you’re jetting off to with your Havana Babe swimwear in the comments below!

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