March 20, 2018

Your Havana Babe swimwear is on its way and you’re ready to style it up on the beach. But before you jet off are you sure your make-up bag is prepared for the heat?

Sweat and water resistant makeup products are an absolute must if you want your full glam look to stand up against the sun's intense rays (and a cheeky frolic in the sea). We’ve rounded up a full face worth of products so you can be beach confident.

Makeup Bag

No running mascara or smudged lippie here…

The Base-ics

A solid foundation, concealer and powder routine can really make a look.

If these products can’t hack the heat then you’ll be looking patchy and cakey before you know it. However, these items have proved their worth…


The Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation is a ride-or-die product for many beauty gurus. This full coverage foundation leaves a flawless, waterproof finish!

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If under-eye concealer is your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a much loved waterproof option for you. Not only that, but it’s super affordable. This Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Catrice have done it again with this Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder. In fact, it's one of a rare few waterproof setting powders on the market. This transparent shade is suitable for all skin tones and even mattifies the oiliest of skin!

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All Eyes on You

Now you’ve got your canvas sorted, it's time to work on the detail - starting with the eye area...

Eye Makeup


Your face is framed by your eyebrows, so to maintain a pretty picture you need to keep those brows tamed all day. The NYX Eyebrow Gel's waterproof formula fills in sparse areas and keeps those hairs locked in place - meaning they're going nowhere fast.

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We’ve found a miracle product when it comes to waterproof eyeshadow! NYX’s Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer can turn any eyeshadow water resistant - yep, thank us later!

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Whether you prefer a liquid or pencil liner (or both) we’ve found two perfect options. This waterproof Essence eyeliner pen is a steal, especially as it performs the same as a high-end product.

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Stila’s Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner comes in 14 different colors, so you won’t have any trouble finding one to match your personality.

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Not all waterproof mascaras live up to their claims. However, Pacifica’s Beauty Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Mascara does and it’s also free from lots of nasty chemicals - so it won’t irritate your eyes!

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The Finishing Touches

You’re almost there! However, we recommend the following products to add some dimension and finishing touches to your face and lips... 

Finishing Touches Makeup


Whilst you’re working on your tan, fake it with a bronzer that gives you a sun-kissed glow. That’s exactly what this Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Bronzer will do for you - all whilst staying put whatever the weather!

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Cargo have done it again with their Swimmables range, this time offering 3 shades! You’re bound to find one to suit your skin tone.

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A pop of colour on the lips is the perfect way to pull a look together. We love the nude tone of NYX Cosmetics Full Throttle Lipstick in the shade ‘Sidekick’ - a fully waterproof formula.

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Setting Spray

Give your makeup look extra insurance by setting it with this Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer for an added water resistant finish.

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Go Forth and Be Flawless

Waterproof Sweat proof makeup

Now you've kitted your makeup bag out with your trusty sweat and waterproof products, it’s time to throw on your swimwear, strut down to the beach and look glam all day!

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